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the warm welcome

The Warm Welcome

Tree of Life Soup Kitchen

The Warm Welcome has provided and served in 2018

 Hot meals 27,138 breakfast or linch. given out 2,760 elder boxes,

and over 38,420 boxes of food to help supplement the evening meal,

Thanks to (NAHA) Native American Heritage association were able to 400 Thanksgiving dinners, and 600 Christmas meals.

We serve about 150 -185 meals a day and about 25-45 of those meals go to the homeless. We serve; children 15%, elderly 20%, homeless 25%, those that just have enough to get bills paid but no more (the disabled and working poor) 40%. The Warm Welcome has a new flow and feel to it. Changing the physical flow of our service has increased our ability to give more with better services to staff and patrons. We’ve increased space, sound and traffic control and quality of food for our soup kitchen. A once chaotic space, has been replaced by conversation, laughter and rest. Feels new and alive with color, we painted a vanilla crème, with an accent of smoked cooper and antiquated olive through the building. Updated the kitchen, went from a one electric four burner stove, to two gas ranges, thanks to the donation of Christ’s Evangelical Lutheran who purchased the gas ranges. Now we have 10 burners and four ovens to properly prepare food with ease. We added a heat and cooling tables to better serve hot foods hot and cold foods cold. And for a summer reprieve we now have an ice machine, to offer ice water to the thirsty.   We now collaborate with faith base and community events that promote education, health and wellness.

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