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Ur Boutique

Tree of Life Thrift Store

We provide house hold goods, furniture, and appliances, gently used and new clothing for: baby’s, children, teens, men and woman.

Why do we sell? We want to give a family, a mom or dad an opportunity to buy at a very low cost and have the pride of knowing they have provided for them-selves (a hand up, not a hand out). We have seen a mom layaway a $3 bag of cloths for her child and take a month to pay it off and to see the joy, pride and satisfaction on moms face, when mom tells her child I bought this for you (we do not want to take this act of love away from her).

We get donations from men and woman of God from all over the east and west, north and south, who have an ear to hear, a heart to give and a desire to serve and nonprofits that over and over give beyond our expectations. However not beyond our need.

We serve an impoverished community with high unemployment and few resources to meet their very real needs. We have a beautiful efficient Thrift Store. Our motto is, Rich in Kindness. With staff and volunteers we are able to bless patrons that frequent our thrift store.

We additionally provide services to community members that are not able to get to our thrift store. We provide direct donations to five of the twenty communities on the Rosebud.


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