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Construction Projects

We completed 40 projects, working on homes that needed repair, related to health and wellness issues. To us, it’s not about being poor; it’s about being an answer to prayer. To those that have cried out to God with a need, and some way some how God has in trusted, provides the materials, and Godly Men and Woman to come and work along side us, to answer that prayerin a real way that changes the quality of a family’s life through home repairs. We have aided in the disabled to return home, grandmothers to keep her grandchildren, and the elderly to be safe. We no longer have a construction manager, we contract out all projects therefor we are able to provide a greater number of projects, increase quality of work, and control our expenditures. Which saves money, being a good steward is vital to the success of our programing. Habitat of Humanity has  

a great model of sweat equity, which we have adopted into our program. We have a mobile construction trailer fully equipped for our teams to provide professional service to the most remote communities.

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