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VIM-Visitors in Mission

Visitor In Mission 1,126 servants of the Lord, worked along side us this year. Together we are making a difference, toward the Kingdom of God, project by project. In turn we impart a greater understanding of the communities pedagogy. We provide a cross-cultural experience second to none. We have updated our VIM dorms for beauty, comfort and safety. We have added new and exciting activities to our cultural mix. I would like to highlight the Lakota Star Knowledge learn Lakota Star Nation stories while in a planetarium, work with the Horse Nation learn how the Lakota work with horses toward emotional healing, learn stories and see the regalia it is breath taking, learn Lakota Spirituality by men and women that teach customs and beliefs of the Sicangu Lakota Nation. God is not a respecter of man so nor are we. We would like to see more men and woman of God visit us so they can experience the magnificence culture of the Sicangu Lakota Nation and to be a part of and witness the redeeming power of God to a nation.


We will measure the success of our ministry by goals, objectives, and activities accomplished, number of individuals served, and increase revenue generated. However God measures the intent of our heart in service, and only He can measure the impact we provide in this community. To the naked eye our service may look like a handout or a hand-up, however to God it may look like an answer to prayer. A much needed witness of love toward salvation.


With a warm heart, and a hardy handshake we at Tree of Life Thank you. Thank you all that has given to Advance and to Dakotas Conference on our behalf. Thank you all that donates as an individual man or woman of God, churches, non-profits, local tribal programs and community agencies. Every donation is vital to this ministry the gift may very in size, however the act of obedience and reward is the same.

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